Home For Good

Home For Good's Equity First creates homeownership opportunities for a wide variety of people who have difficulty qualifying for conventional financing, have little or no downpayment, or are unsure of whether they are ready to take on the responsibilities of homeownership.

We Can Help You!

When the Smiths and their three children moved to the Seattle Area, Mr. Smith was hired as a police officer and Mrs. Smith as a technician in a local biotech firm. Their prior home in Missouri didn't sell and the Smiths were left struggling to make housing payments in both states. As they fell further and further behind in payments, their previously good credit was severely damaged, disqualifying them from becoming homeowners again here.

With the help of Home For Good, the Smiths chose a 4 bedroom home in Lake Stevens which Home For Good purchased for $227,000 in August of 2004. The Smiths moved in and began making their monthly lease payments.

By July 2006, the Smiths had completed their Home Buyer Action Plan steps with help from their Home For Good financial counselor. With their restored credit they were able to secure their new mortgage and take title to their home – with $38,000 of equity already created!

Equity First is ideal for:

  • Renters that wish to own a home and begin building equity and are tired of "throwing away" their money on rental payments
  • Buyers who have a good income, but are having difficulty saving for closing costs and the large down payment necessary to purchase a home
  • Buyers with credit issues that want their own home but have difficulty qualifying for conventional financing
  • Someone with a work history of less than two years in the same line of business that wants to live in a home today and begin building equity
  • Self-employed individuals, new college graduates, union workers, trade school students, graduate school students.