Home For Good

We Can Help You!

  • Tired of "throwing away" money on rent but having difficulty finding conventional financing?
  • Having trouble saving money for a down payment?
  • Just started a new career or changed jobs?
  • Had credit problems in the past but have been working to get back on track?
  • Just starting out and have established little or no credit?

Home For Good's Equity First affordable housing program is the first of its kind in the country. Never before have prospective homeowners been able to live in the home they wish to purchase and begin buying prior to actually qualifying for financing. Home For Good lets its participants choose the home they wish to purchase and provides assumable conventional home financing with fixed interest rates along with hands-on counseling to assist them in purchasing their new home.

We are partnered with regional and national industry leading organizations. All transactions are guided by Home For Good approved licensed professionals that are familiar with our programs and are sensitive to our participants' issues. We provide expert homeownership counseling, homebuyer education and property maintenance advisors. Our assume-able home loans are underwritten based on federal Fannie Mae requirements.